Pinehurst Lodge Restaurant & Lounge, Dyce, Aberdeen

We are a small hotel & restaurant near Aberdeen Airport. We have a 42 seater restaurant & 30 seater lounge. If you are in a hurry call us & pre order your meals or grab a takeaway, have a look at our takeaway menu. Planning a special occasion and would like a set menu? Email us today and we will put something together at a price that suits you. Book Now on 01224 722272.

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2 courses £9.95 | 3 courses £11.95

Seniors & Kids – 2 courses £5 | 3 courses £6


GF = Gluten Free  GFO = Gluten Free Option 

VG = Vegan VGO = Vegan Option

V = Vegetarian VO = Vegetarian option

VV = Vegetarian & Vegan



Soup Of The Day GFO £4.5
Served with a warm malted wheat bread roll

Black Haggis Bon Bons £6
Local black pudding & haggis mixed then coated in a crispy panko breadcrumb with rocket & a honey & mustard dip

Maple & Sesame Chicken GFO £5.5
Chicken Fillets in a light sesame batter dipped in maple syrup served with mixed salad leaves & soya drizzle

Maple & Sesame King Prawns GFO £6
King prawns in a light sesame batter with mixed salad leaves & maple syrup soya dip

Mushroom Bruschetta GFO/VGO/V £5.5
Pan fried garlic button mushrooms on toasted ciabatta with melted mozzarella & basil pesto

Prawn Cocktail GFO £6
Cold water prawns bound in house marie rose sauce set on mixed salad leaves with cucumber, cherry tomato & crispy ciabatta


From The Grill GFO

All steaks served with home-made onion rings, tomato, button mushrooms & chips

8oz Fillet Steak £27

8oz Sirloin Steak £22

8oz Rib Eye Steak  £21

Chicken Breast £13

8oz Pork Tenderloin £18


Steak Sauce £2 GFO/V

  • Peppercorn 
  • Diane 
  • Blue Cheese
  • Wholegrain Whisky 
  • Garlic Butter 

Side Order’s GFO/V

  • Chips VG £2
  • Onion Rings VGO £2
  • Coleslaw £1
  • Garlic Bread VGO £2
  • Garlic & Mozzarella Bread VGO £2.5
  • House Side Salad VG £2
  • Skirlie £2
  • Steamed Vegetables VG £2

MacPasta Bowl’s £8

  • MacChicken & Bacon
  • MacSteak & Onion
  • MacHaggis
  • MacCheese
  • MacPrawn
  • MacHam & Mushroom



All Burgers Served In A Brioche Bun With Lettuce, Tomato & Red Onion With Chips

The MacBeef –  8oz Beef patty, mac cheese £13.5

The Scot – 8oz Beef patty, haggis & whisky sauce £13.5

The Hickory – 8oz Beef patty, bacon, cheese & bbq sauce £13.5

The Canadian – 8oz Beef patty, maple bacon & brie £13.5

The Brunch – 8oz Beef patty, bacon, egg & mushroom £13.5

The Mex – 8oz Beef patty, jalapeño’s, guacamole & Monterey jack £13.5

The Black & Blue – 8oz Beef patty, cajun spices & stilton £13.5

The Classic8oz Beef patty with relish £12

The Tower – 8oz Beef patty, chicken breast, bacon, cheese, onion rings & bbq sauce £14.5

The Chick – Grilled chicken breast with relish £12

The Maple Sesame battered chicken breast, maple syrup & soya £13.5

The Veggie vv – Spicy bean burger with guacamole (Ask server for vegan option in ciabatta) £12

The Vegan vv – Falafel patty with relish (Ask server for vegan option in ciabatta) £12


Main Meals


Fajitas GFO

Your choice of meat dusted in spices with mixed pepper & onions. Served with wraps, sour cream, grated cheddar cheese, guacamole & salsa (add jalapenos for a kick)

  • Chicken breast £13
  • Steak £14
  • Mixed £14
  • Vegetable v £11

Steak & Guinness Pie £13.5
Tender beef slowly braised in Guinness gravy, puff pastry topping with vegetables & chips or potatoes

Skirlie Chicken GFO £12.5
Chicken breast stuffed with oatmeal skirlie wrapped in smoked bacon, smothered in a wholegrain whisky sauce with vegetables & chips or potatoes

Haddock GFO £13
Haddock Fillet in house batter or panko breadcrumb with chips, peas, tartare sauce & lemon

Chicken Goujons GFO £11.5
Chicken Fillets in house batter served with salad, peas, chips & choice of bbq, sweet chilli or garlic mayo dip

Scampi £12
Whole tail scampi in a golden breadcrumb served with peas, chips, tartare sauce & lemon

Maple & Sesame Chicken GFO £13
Chicken Fillets in sesame batter dipped in maple syrup served with salad, chips & soya drizzle

Fish Pie £13
Haddock, smoked haddock & prawns in a béchamel & parsley sauce topped with puff pastry served with vegetables & chips or potatoes

MacHaggis vo £10.5
Macaroni in a rich cheese sauce with local haggis (Available without haggis) served with garlic ciabatta


Kids Menu

(Under 12 Years)

Starter’s – £1

  • Soup Of The Day
  • Garlic Ciabatta VGO

Main Meal’s – £4

  • Cheese & Tomato Pizza, Chips & Peas or Beans v
  • Macaroni Cheese, Chips & Peas or Beans v
  • Fish Fingers, Chips & Peas or Beans
  • Chicken Bites, Chips & Peas or Beans
  • Sausages, Chips & Peas or Beans

Ice-Cream – £1 (2 scoops & sauce) v

  • Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla Ice-cream with chocolate, toffee or strawberry sauce & Rainbow or chocolate sprinkles & a flake


Prawn Salad GF £10.5
Cold water prawns & mixed leaf bound together with cucumber strips & cherry tomatoes drizzled with house marie rose sauce

Chicken Caesar £10.5
Crisp salad leaves, garlic croutons and smoked bacon bound together in a creamy Caesar sauce topped with halved cherry tomatoes and grated Parmesan cheese

Vegetable Caesar v £9.5
Crisp salad leaves, garlic croutons & red onion bound together in a creamy Caesar sauce topped with halved cherry tomatoes, a boiled egg and grated parmesan cheese

Baked Potatoes £8

Served with salad, crisps & coleslaw

  • Tuna Mayonnaise & Cucumber
  • Ham, Brie & Cranberry
  • Mac Cheese v
  • Prawn Marie Rose
  • Vegan Mozzarella & Tomato vv
  • Chicken & Pesto
  • Cheese & Pickle
  • Chicken & Baconnaise
  • Haggis

Baguettes £8 & Sandwiches £7

All baguettes & sandwiches served cold with salad, crisps & coleslaw

Choose your choice of filling:

  • Tuna Mayonnaise & Cucumber
  • Ham, Brie & Cranberry
  • Cheese & Pickle v
  • Chicken & Pesto 
  • Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
  • Chicken, Lettuce & Tomato
  • Mozzarella, Lettuce & Tomato v
  • Prawn Marie Rose
  • Chicken & Baconnaise

Sweet’s v

Gold Bar  £6
Chocolate custard caramel mousse on a shortcake crumb topped with malt & honeycomb balls, chocolate shavings & shortcake pieces finished with gold spray served with cream or ice-cream

Sticky Toffee Pudding £6
Served with hot toffee sauce, cream or vanilla ice-cream

24 Carrot Cheesecake £6
Ginger biscuit base and white chocolate cheesecake sandwich with a layer of carrot cake finished with gold chocolate coated honeycomb balls & white chocolate shavings, Served with cream or  ice-cream

Chocolate Sundae £5.5
Layers of chocolate ice-cream, chocolate sauce, flake pieces topped with vanilla cream, chocolate sprinkles & a flake

Strawberry Sundae £5.5
Layers of strawberry ice-cream, fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce topped with vanilla cream, mixed sprinkles & a flake

Banoffee Sundae £5.5
Layers of vanilla ice-cream, banana pieces & toffee sauce topped with vanilla cream, chocolate sprinkles & a flake

Cheese Board GFO £7
Stilton, brie & cheddar cheese served with oatcakes, red onion chutney & sliced apple

Vegan Sorbet VG £4.5
2 Scoops (Ask server for flavour)

Tea & Coffee

We use Caber Coffee Beans

  • Americano £2.5
  • White Coffee £2.6
  • Cappuccino £2.6
  • Café Latte £2.6
  • Hot Chocolate £2.6
  • Espresso £1.5
  • Double Espresso £2.5
  • Tea £2.6
  • Flavoured Tea £2.6
  • Liqueur Coffee £6

187ml Bottles Of Wine £5.3


Footsteps Sauvignon Blanc
Tangy gooseberry aromas with a touch of white peach A stylish wine when slightly chilled

Footsteps Pinot Grigio
This dry and crisp wine has refreshing fruit avours of apples and lemons

Footsteps Chardonnay
Full of fresh citrus and tropical apricots avours


Footsteps Merlot
Voluptuous, soft & lingering with redcurrants and black cherries

Footsteps Shiraz
Evocative, sumptuous and bursting with spicy blackberry fruits with a dash of toasty oats


Footsteps Rose
Lively, juicy & exploding with red berry flavours followed by a touch of sweetness


Bottega Gold
Fresh, Crisp & Aromatic ultra premium Prosecco with a pale straw yellow colour.
This Luxurious Prosecco comes from Venice the most romantic city in Europe, made from hand picked grapes and in its eye catching bottle it is more than a match for any Champagne

Bottega Rose Gold
Brilliant sparkling rose that is fresh, harmonious, delicate and persistent. The peach coloured liquid carries distinct owery aromas and scents of mixed berries, currants and strawberries


Prosecco Sant Orsola (Italy) £22
This wine is fresh, fruity and soft sparkling, with avours reminiscent of grape, apple and white peach. It is a great spring/summer drink

Louis Donier Champagne (France) £36.5
This classic champagne using the traditional grape varieties – delicious with light sparkle

75cl Bottles Of Wine


Monte Verde Sauvignon Blanc (Chile) £19
A very clean & citrusy wine ripe tropical fruit
notes on the palate bags and fresh aromas of lemons and gooseberries.

San Floriano Pinot Grigio (Italy) £19
When you think of ltaly and wine you think pinot grigio this wine is a new example of the pinot grigio grape with light and delicate fruit flavours and a refreshing finish.

Between Thorns Chardonnay (Australia) £19
Tropical aromas, followed by flavours of juicy nectarine and peach.

Flagstone Tributary Chenin Blanc (South Africa) £19
Enticing aromas of layered tropical and stone fruit, with a hint of spice.


Berri Estates Shiraz (Australia) £19
Soft raspberry, cherry and plum characters with
ne tannins and vanilla oaks are signatures of this rich avoured shiraz.

Monte Verde Merlot (Chile) £19
Light, plummy notes on the nose with fresh summer fruits as raspberries and blackcurrants with soft tannins on the palate make for a very smooth and velvety wine.

Portillo Malbec, Uco Vally, Mendoza (Argentina) £21
Plumbs, blackberries and a touch of vanilla; fresh fruit flavours, supported by a touch of spice

Marques De Morano Crianza Rioja (Spain) £25
Made from Tempranillo and Mazuelo grapes which are matured for at Ieast a year in cask followed by at least a year in the bottle to give that classic smooth oaky taste.


Vendange White Zinfandel (California) £19
Vendange white zinfandel is a light-medium-bodied wine with aneasy-going, sociable character. This white zinfandel is a lovely salmon pink colour due to a brief time with juice and skin together.