Hotel and Restaurant Menu

Pinehurst Lodge Restaurant & Lounge, Dyce, Aberdeen


GF = Gluten Free  GFO = Gluten Free Option 

VG = Vegan VGO = Vegan Option

V = Vegetarian VO = Vegetarian option

VV = Vegetarian & Vegan



Soup Of The Day GFO £4.5
Served with a warm malted wheat bread roll

Black Haggis Bon Bons £6
Local black pudding & haggis mixed then coated in a crispy panko breadcrumb with rocket & a honey & mustard dip

Maple & Sesame Chicken GFO £5.5
Chicken Fillets in a light sesame batter dipped in maple syrup served with mixed salad leaves & soya drizzle

Maple & Sesame King Prawns GFO £6
King prawns in a light sesame batter with mixed salad leaves & maple syrup soya dip

Mushroom Bruschetta GFO/VGO/V £5.5
Pan fried garlic button mushrooms on toasted ciabatta with melted mozzarella & basil pesto

Prawn Cocktail GFO £6
Cold water prawns bound in house marie rose sauce set on mixed salad leaves with cucumber, cherry tomato & crispy ciabatta


From The Grill GFO

All steaks served with home-made onion rings, tomato, button mushrooms & chips

8oz Fillet Steak £27

8oz Sirloin Steak £22

8oz Rib Eye Steak  £21

Chicken Breast £13

8oz Pork Tenderloin £18


Steak Sauce £2 GFO/V

  • Peppercorn 
  • Diane 
  • Blue Cheese
  • Wholegrain Whisky 
  • Garlic Butter 

Side Order’s GFO/V

  • Chips VG £2
  • Onion Rings VGO £2
  • Coleslaw £1
  • Garlic Bread VGO £2
  • Garlic & Mozzarella Bread VGO £2.5
  • House Side Salad VG £2
  • Skirlie £2
  • Steamed Vegetables VG £2

MacPasta Bowl’s £8

  • MacChicken & Bacon
  • MacSteak & Onion
  • MacHaggis
  • MacCheese
  • MacPrawn
  • MacHam & Mushroom



All Burgers Served In A Brioche Bun With Lettuce, Tomato & Red Onion With Chips

The MacBeef -  8oz Beef patty, mac cheese £13.5

The Scot – 8oz Beef patty, haggis & whisky sauce £13.5

The Hickory – 8oz Beef patty, bacon, cheese & bbq sauce £13.5

The Canadian – 8oz Beef patty, maple bacon & brie £13.5

The Brunch – 8oz Beef patty, bacon, egg & mushroom £13.5

The Mex – 8oz Beef patty, jalapeño’s, guacamole & Monterey jack £13.5

The Black & Blue - 8oz Beef patty, cajun spices & stilton £13.5

The Classic8oz Beef patty with relish £12

The Tower – 8oz Beef patty, chicken breast, bacon, cheese, onion rings & bbq sauce £14.5

The Chick - Grilled chicken breast with relish £12

The Maple - Sesame battered chicken breast, maple syrup & soya £13.5

The Veggie vv - Spicy bean burger with guacamole (Ask server for vegan option in ciabatta) £12

The Vegan vv - Falafel patty with relish (Ask server for vegan option in ciabatta) £12


Main Meals


Fajitas GFO

Your choice of meat dusted in spices with mixed pepper & onions. Served with wraps, sour cream, grated cheddar cheese, guacamole & salsa (add jalapenos for a kick)

  • Chicken breast £13
  • Steak £14
  • Mixed £14
  • Vegetable v £11

Steak & Guinness Pie £13.5
Tender beef slowly braised in Guinness gravy, puff pastry topping with vegetables & chips or potatoes

Skirlie Chicken GFO £12.5
Chicken breast stuffed with oatmeal skirlie wrapped in smoked bacon, smothered in a wholegrain whisky sauce with vegetables & chips or potatoes

Haddock GFO £13
Haddock Fillet in house batter or panko breadcrumb with chips, peas, tartare sauce & lemon

Chicken Goujons GFO £11.5
Chicken Fillets in house batter served with salad, peas, chips & choice of bbq, sweet chilli or garlic mayo dip

Scampi £12
Whole tail scampi in a golden breadcrumb served with peas, chips, tartare sauce & lemon

Maple & Sesame Chicken GFO £13
Chicken Fillets in sesame batter dipped in maple syrup served with salad, chips & soya drizzle

Fish Pie £13
Haddock, smoked haddock & prawns in a béchamel & parsley sauce topped with puff pastry served with vegetables & chips or potatoes

MacHaggis vo £10.5
Macaroni in a rich cheese sauce with local haggis (Available without haggis) served with garlic ciabatta


Prawn Salad GF £10.5
Cold water prawns & mixed leaf bound together with cucumber strips & cherry tomatoes drizzled with house marie rose sauce

Chicken Caesar £10.5
Crisp salad leaves, garlic croutons and smoked bacon bound together in a creamy Caesar sauce topped with halved cherry tomatoes and grated Parmesan cheese

Vegetable Caesar v £9.5
Crisp salad leaves, garlic croutons & red onion bound together in a creamy Caesar sauce topped with halved cherry tomatoes, a boiled egg and grated parmesan cheese

Baked Potatoes £8

Served with salad, crisps & coleslaw

  • Tuna Mayonnaise & Cucumber
  • Ham, Brie & Cranberry
  • Mac Cheese v
  • Prawn Marie Rose
  • Vegan Mozzarella & Tomato vv
  • Chicken & Pesto
  • Cheese & Pickle
  • Chicken & Baconnaise
  • Haggis

Baguettes £8 & Sandwiches £7

All baguettes & sandwiches served cold with salad, crisps & coleslaw

Choose your choice of filling:

  • Tuna Mayonnaise & Cucumber
  • Ham, Brie & Cranberry
  • Cheese & Pickle v
  • Chicken & Pesto 
  • Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
  • Chicken, Lettuce & Tomato
  • Mozzarella, Lettuce & Tomato v
  • Prawn Marie Rose
  • Chicken & Baconnaise