Pitmedden Road, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0EX

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Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

A taste of Scotland

Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

A taste of Scotland

Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

A taste of Scotland

Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

A taste of Scotland

Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

A taste of Scotland

Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

A taste of Scotland

Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

A taste of Scotland

Restaurant Menu


We are a small hotel & restaurant near Aberdeen Airport. We have a 42 seater restaurant & 30 seater lounge. If you are in a hurry call us & pre order your meals or grab a takeaway, have a look at our takeaway menu.

Planning a special occasion and would like a set menu? Email us today at info@pinehurstlodge.co.uk and we will put something together at a price that suits you.

Book Now on 01224 722272.

Lentil Soup £5
Served with a bread roll

Maple & Sesame King Prawns £6.50
Salad & maple soya

Maple & Sesame £5.50
Chicken fillets or Tofu. Salad & maple soya

Haggis Bon Bons £6.50
Haggis rolled in panko breadcrumbs with salad & whisky sauce

Scotch Egg £6.50
Egg wrapped in vegetarian haggis rolled in panko
Breadcrumbs with salad & brown honey sauce

Cheese Nachos £5
(Add salsa 50p)

All served in a brioche bun with fries, salad & sauce

The Lodge £16
2 x7oz steak burgers with cheddar & bacon

The Scot £13.50
7oz steak burger with haggis & whisky sauce

The Vegan £12
Falafel & spinach burger

The Veggie £12
Breaded spicy bean burger

The Hickory £14
7oz steak burger with cheddar, bacon & bbq

The Black & Blue £13
7oz steak burger with stilton and Cajun

The Katsu £14
Breaded chicken breast with katsu sauce

The Classic £12.50
Plain 7oz steak burger

The Chick  £12
Plain grilled chicken burger

Per Topping £0.50
Bacon, cheddar, stilton, haggis, blackpudding, onion rings, egg, fried onions, mushrooms, Barbecue, whisky, peppercorn or katsu sauce

Double up any burger £2.50
Beef Burger, Chicken Breast, Falafel or Spicy Bean Burger

8oz Sirloin Steak £21
Served with onion rings, mushrooms, vine tomatoes & fries or boiled potatoes

8oz Fillet Steak £28
Served with onion rings, mushrooms, vine tomatoes & fries or boiled potatoes

The Blair Athol £29
8oz Fillet Steak topped with haggis covered in a redcurrant & Drambuie sauce served with mushrooms, vine tomatoes & fries or boiled potatoes


Steak Sauce £2.50
Wholegrain Whisky, Peppercorn, Diane, Katsu, Barbecue, Redcurrant & Drambuie Sauce

Skirlie Chicken £12
Chicken breast stuffed with oatmeal skirlie on a wholegrain whisky sauce wrapped in smoked bacon garnished with vegetables & fries or boiled potatoes

Steak & Ale Pie £13
Braised hand diced steak & carrots in a Guinness gravy with vegetables & fries or potatoes

Katsu Curry £13
Chicken, Beef or Tofu coated in breadcrumbs with katsu sauce, basmati rice & salad

Haddock £14
Choose from panko breadcrumbs or our house batter with fries, tartare, lemon & peas

Scampi £12
Fries, tartare, lemon & peas

Maple & Sesame £13
Our head chef’s creation, everyone’s favourite! Chicken fillets or Tofu in a sesame batter dipped in maple syrup & soya sauce with salad & fries

Fajitas £13
Choose from chicken, steak or vegetable with flour wraps, salsa, sour cream, & cheddar cheese

Chicken Caesar Salad £12
Lettuce, smoked bacon, croutons, cherry tomatoes, chicken breast coated in Caesar dressing sprinkled with parmesan


Served on white or wholemeal bread or in a Panini with crisps, salad & coleslaw:

– Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato

– Roast Beef & Mustard

– Maple Ham & Vine Tomato

– Cheese & Red Onion Chutney

– Tuna Mayonnaise

Garlic Baguette £2
(Add cheese 50p | Add Bacon 50p)

Halloumi Fries £4

Sweet Potato Fries £3

Fries £2

Cajun Mixed Fries £4

Mixed Fries £4

Boiled Potatoes £2

Onion Rings £2

SWAP Sweet potato fries £1

Oatmeal Skirlie £3

Cheese £1

Coleslaw £2

House Side Salad £2

Add jalapeños £1

Gravy £2

Sticky Toffee Pudding £6
Served with custard, cream or vanilla ice-cream

Rizza’s Ice-cream £2
125ml tub (Mint chocolate chip, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla)

Chill Out Cheesecake £6
Ask server for Today’s flavour! Served with cream or vanilla ice-cream

Rizza’s Ice-cream £5
500ml tub (Vanilla, chocolate chip, tablet, raspberry ripple, strawberry)

Rizza’s Vegan Sorbet £5
Ask server for Today’s flavour!

Artisan Cheese Board £8
Devenick Dairy; Smoked Deeside (oak smoked cheddar), Deeside Camembert, fit like (Aberdonian style feta cheese) & crynoch blue served with caramelised onion chutney, slightly cheesey crack black pepper oatcakes & iced grapes

Tablet Sundae £6
Rizza’s Toffee ice-cream, tablet pieces, toffee sauce, whipped cream, flake & tablet sprinkles

Lotus Biscuit Sundae £6
Rizza’s Biscoff ice-cream, lotus biscuits, toffee sauce, whipped cream, flake & biscoff sprinkles

White Chocolate Sundae £6
Rizza’s Condensed milk ice-cream, white chocolate buttons, white chocolate rice crispy, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream, flake & rainbow sprinkles

Chocolate Brownie Sundae £6
Rizza’s Chocolate fudge ice-cream, brownie pieces, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, flake & chocolate sprinkles


Lentil Soup £2
With bread

Halloumi Fries £2
On salad

Cheese Nachos £2 (add salsa 50p)

Garlic Bread £2 (add cheese 50p)


Scampi £4.50
Chips & peas or beans

Panko Breaded or battered Haddock £6
Chips & peas or beans

Sausages £4
Chips & peas or beans

Chicken Bites £5.50
Chips & peas or beans

Halloumi Cheese Sticks £4
Chips & peas or beans

Chicken or Tofu Katsu Curry 5.50
Rice & peas


Sticky Toffee Pudding £3
Cream or ice-cream

Rizza’s Ice-cream 125ml Tub £2
Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or mint

Chill Out! Cheesecake £3.50
Ask for today’s flavour. Cream or ice-cream

Rizza Vegan Sorbet £2
Ask server for flavour