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Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

Fineest Whisky Collection

Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

Fineest Whisky Collection

Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

Fineest Whisky Collection

Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

Fineest Whisky Collection

Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

Fineest Whisky Collection

Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

Fineest Whisky Collection

Pinehurst Lodge Hotel

Fineest Whisky Collection

Whisky Lounge

We want you to come and experience Whisky with us and we have over 100 Scotch Whiskies to wet your palate. From Glenfiddich to Glenmorangie, Balvenie to Cardhu and the exquisite Chivas Regal 21 Year Old Royal Salute to name but a few. With over 30 distilleries within easy reach of our hotel why not come and try some of Scotland’s most famous whiskies and we will point you to the nearest distilleries.

Origin of the name ‘whisky’?

What is the origin of the name ‘whisky’?

The term ‘whisky’ derives originally from the Gaelic ‘uisge beatha’, or ‘usquebaugh’, meaning ‘water of life’. Gaelic is that branch of Celtic spoken in the Highlands of Scotland.

Single or Blend

What is a single whisky?

A single whisky is the product of one particular distillery.

What is blending? What is its purpose?

A number of distilleries bottle and sell some of the whisky they distil for consumption as single or unblended whiskies. By far the greater part of their production, however, is used for the well-known blended Scotch whiskies that are sold all over the world.

What is a deluxe blended Scotch whisky?

It is a blend which contains a higher proportion of carefully selected older and, therefore, more expensive whiskies.

Whisky Menu

Aberfeldy 12 Year Old 40% £6
On the nose is an almost incense-like, heather honey with a fruity softness and notes of pineapple. Finished with spice and a bitter hint of Seville oranges

Aberfeldy 16 Years Old 40% £8.5
On the nose cinnamon apple, butterscotch and caramel. Tastes of stewed apple followed by citrus oil, lemon and orange. Finished with oaky spice and soft orchard fruit.

Antiquary 12 Year Old 43% £5.5
Peaty on the nose with delicate fresh lemony lime characters. Nicely rounded and malty. Mellow yet feisty taste, citrus flavours come through well with a soft with a spicy tingle.

Ardmore Legacy 40% £5.5
It leans more on the savoury than the sweet side, Heather honey with hints of cinnamon and toffee bonbon on the nose. Creamy
vanilla spice with light barbecue charcoal notes, especially with the addition of water. Full bodied finish, with silky mouth feel.

Bell’s Blended Scotch Whisky 40% £4.5
Bell’s Blended Scotch Whisky comes from some of the finest malt whiskies in Scotland all matured in selected oak casks for a richer flavour. The malt at the heart of the Bell’s blend is rich, spiced and nutty, and comes from our home, the Blair Athol distillery.

Blair Athol 12 Year Old 43% £7
A Flora and Fauna release. Muscat grapes & Madeira wine, brimstone in the background, even tar. Dried apricots & treacle toffee on the nose. Sweetness is introduced at the end after acidity and dryish has passed.

The Dalmore 12 Year Old 40% £7.5
This Dalmore starts with aromas of orange, dark plums, chocolate & marzipan with a taste of citrus, coffee & sweet cinnamon. To finish you get a sweet orange, vanilla & plums flavour

The Dalmore 15 Year Old 40% £9.5
Soft, approachable with dried fruit, hazelnut & dried spiciness. Rich on the palate with Christmas cake, raisins, currants, cherries, cinnamon & nutmeg finishing with rich raisin sweetness lingering for a long time.

The Dalmore 18 Year Old 43% £32
Aged in both bourbon and sherry casks, it has seductive notes of vanilla, dark chocolate and candied orange on the nose, followed by a full-bodied, spicy palate of cinnamon and stewed fruit. Finished with citrus fruit & oak

Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old 43% £7
Dalwhinnie is produced in the highest working distillery in Scotland at an altitude of 1,173ft, with stream water from mountain lochs. A very aromatic nose with hints of heather & peat. Smooth, soft & lasting flavours of honey, vanilla & citrus fruits with an intense finish

Famous Grouse 40% £4.5
The original blend of The Famous Grouse is perfectly balanced with notes of orange citrus, sherry and oaky tones. Containing some of the worlds finest malt whiskys including Highland Park and The Macallan unsurpassed quality and distilling methods go into creating this well rounded smooth blend.

Fettercairn Fior 42% £19
Overall this is a round, warm, rich and juicy malt with a Madeira suggestion. Fettercairn’s unique smoky note is still there adding to the overall character of the whisky. Tastes of almonds, white chocolate, spice & fresh fruit.

Fettercairn 12 Year Old £6
One of four new Fettercairn expressions to be launched in August 2018, the Fettercairn 12 Year Old was intended to embody the distillery’s floral and exotic fruit-driven character. It was matured in American oak bourbon casks.

Glengoyne 18 Year Old 43% £16
Awash with red apple and ripe melon. Heavenly and well rounded, it drifts in to hot porridge topped with brown sugar. Tastes of marzipan, walnuts, warm spices, dry cocoa and lingering Seville marmalade. A long and dry finish This is the result of eighteen long years and a generous proportion of first fill oak sherry casks.

Glenmorangie The Original 10 Year Old 40% £5.5
The scent of citrus and ripening peaches is softened by the aroma of vanilla. First the taste of vanilla is detected on the tongue before it ripples along the palate bringing a burst of flowery fruitiness. About a minute after tasting, you are left with a clean and salving aftertaste with hints of orange and peach.

Glenmorangie 18 Year Old 43% £14
Rich, rounded and sweet aromas with dried fruits and a complex floral fragrance. The taste is balanced between honey, malt and flowery scents. Dates and figs emerge in the background with a hint of wood smoke. The finish is long and enticing with the sweetness of dried fruit and subtle dryness of Oloroso nuttiness.

Oban 14 Year Old 43% £12
One of Scotland’s oldest and smallest distilleries, Oban was built in 1794. Rich sweetness and fruits—oranges, lemons and pears, with sea-salt and peaty smokiness. Mouth-filling late autumn fruits dried figs and honey sweet spice. Long, smooth and sweet finish.

Old Pulteney 12 Year Old 40% £5.5
The aromas are medium to high with a briny hint of sea air. Medium bodied and smooth, redolent of honey and cream, faintly salty with a spicy note & a sweet long-lasting finish.

Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old 40% £7
The Lochnagar distillery was once visited by Queen Victoria when she was staying at nearby Balmoral. This 12 Year Old has scents of planed wood & light toffee after a while coffee with brown sugar. Pleasant on the palate with a dry; medium length finish of sandalwood.

Tomatin Legacy 43% £6
Time in Bourbon barrels and Virgin Oak casks brings a light sweetness to The Tomatin Legacy, which boasts aromas of vanilla, marshmallow, pineapple and lemon. On the palate gentle flavours of candy, pine, lemon sherbet, apples and sponge cake emerge ahead of a light, clean finish.

Tomatin 12 Year Old 43% £6.5
The Tomatin 12 Year Old is smooth and silky, having been matured in traditional Scotch Whisky, ex-Bourbon and ex-Spanish Sherry casks. A rich, fruity aroma is the prelude to sweet flavours of ripe apples, pears and a subtle hint of nut before the long, pleasantly oily finish.

Glen Scotia Double Cask 46% 6.5
With tastes of toffee and fudge, it’s a perfect demonstration that at Glen Scotia, age is no indication of character. Matured in first fill bourbon barrels before being finished for 12 months in PX sherry casks, this expression provides an intriguing harmony or rich and spicy fruit flavours, as well as distinctly Campbeltown notes.

Springbank 10 Year Old 46% 25
The nose has a wide range of aromas, from citrus fruits to pears and a hint of peat, while the palate shows touches of smoke, vanilla essence, nutmeg, cinnamon and the salty tang characteristic.

Ballantine’s 17 Year Old 43% £8
The worlds first and most awarded 17 year old blended scotch. Smooth vanilla and oak aromas with a sensation of smoke. Wonderful vibrant honey sweetness and creamy vanilla flavours with hints of oak & spicy liquorice. Long sweet & smooth finish with a hint of spice.

Crabbie 8 Year Old 46% £5.5
Aromas of caramel, raisin and honey-coated peanuts. Tastes of buttered scones. Finished with a lingering orange oil sweetness.

Deanston 18 Year Old 46.3% £10
Bottled without chill filtration. Oodles of rich honey, luxurious vanilla & paired with golden grahams. A touch of fresh ginger & lemon cheesecake on the palate. Oily walnut and barley finish.

Glenkinchie 12 Year Old 43% £7
Aromatic vanilla, cut flowers and increasingly sweet and creamy on the nose. Crisp mid-palate then butter icing and lemon cheesecake. Herbal & drying finish like pot-pourri.

Haig Club 40% £6
David Beckham has made his mark in the world of whisky with the launch of Haig Club, named after John Haig, the founder of Cameronbridge distillery. This light sweet grain whisky with toffee and bananas up front, genital ginger & nutmeg. Sweet & creamy on the palate with tingly cinnamon. Finished with a touch of warmth.

Haig Club Orange 35% £5
Haig club has combined orange flavours with its single grain Scotch to create this summery dram. Orange curd, oily orange peel with hints of floral and vanilla sweetness

Loch Lomond 18 Year Old 46% £12
This is an 18 year old has been maturing in the finest oak barrels chosen by Tommy Wallace, the master cooper at the time. Green apple & grapefruit aromas fuse before the sweet character of honeysuckle. Full bodied and rounded taste of elegant wood, toasted oak & cigar box. Long finish with dries tea & tobacco leaf.

Aultmore 12 Year Old 46% £7.5
A refreshing dram, with plenty of floral notes with crunchy apples. Richer than the nose suggests with fruit, sweet pastry & custard. Medium length finish of soft spice.

The Balvenie Double Wood 12 Year Old 40% £6.5
Sweet fruit and Oloroso sherry notes, layered with honey and vanilla. Smooth and mellow taste with beautifully combined flavours ~ nutty sweetness, cinnamon spiciness and a delicately proportioned layer of sherry.

The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Year Old 43% £8.5
Rich, sweet and creamy toffee on the nose combines with fresh fruit notes. Rounded taste with vanilla and sweet oak notes, with a fruity character that develops with time. Soft & lingering finish.

Benromach 10 Year Old 43% £6
Malt and oak aromas with dry pine, fruit and sweet spices after a time and a hint of puckering prune from the sherry cask and maple fudge. Mouth-wateringly bittersweet. Ginger, sherry & almost hoppy after a while.

Cardhu 12 Year Old 40% £6
At full strength resin and sweet honey-nut notes on the nose. Palate Well balanced, sweet and fresh, then a pro-nounced drying effect. Quite short finish some lingering sweet smoke.

Cardhu 16 Year Old 40% £24
Third release in the Four corners collection, this special strength 16 year old is made to commemorate the transformation of the home of Cardhu in 2021. This lively dram brings fresh & floral aromas, grassy top notes with orchard fruits. On the pallet sweet to start then leading to spicy dryness with warmth of pepper which remains with a lingering chilli pepper aftertaste

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old 40% £6
An aromatic infusion of wild herbs, heather, honey & orchard fruits. Rich tastes of ripe pears & honey with vanilla, hazelnut and butterscotch notes with a rich & lingering finish.

Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21 Year Old 40% £18.5
The whisky takes its name from the 21 Gun Salute – a traditional sign of respect at special Royal occasions. It was created in 1953 by successful entrepreneur, Sam Bronfman, from the rarest Scotch whiskies in the world, to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Soft & approachable aromas of ripe fruit, and old oak with a dash of ginger and honey. A sweet malt taste with a gentle grainy oak and distant smoked honey.

Chivas 1801 40% £37
The company can trace its roots back to 1801, with the opening of a grocers at Number 13 King Street, Aberdeen. In 1842, Chivas Brothers was retained to supply provisions to the royal family at Balmoral Castle upon Queen Victoria’s first visit to Scotland. Aromas of honey, Fresh fruit, spice, orange zest & herbs. On the palate a touch of dryness, walnut, honey, hints of caramel and fudge. Finished with oak, spice, a little sweetness.

Craigellachie 13 Year Old 46% £7
Big tropical-fruit aromas at first – mango and pineapple – followed by a whiff of barbecue smoke. Punchy and full-flavoured on the palate, with the meaty smoke balancing well with the refreshing tropical fruit.

Glenfarclas 10 Year Old 40% £6
Lots of sherry, juicy aromas with honey and a touch of toffee. Winter spice & Fruitcake on the palate with hints of smoke. Long finish with spicy fruity oak.

Glenfarclas 105 60% £9
Complex on the nose of oaky apples and pears, and a tempting dark toffee sweetness. Dry and assertive flavours develop quickly to reveal a rich spiciness, combined with a hint of oak and sherried fruit. Amazingly smooth finish for the strength; wonderfully warming and with a lingering smokiness.

Glenfarclas 25 Year Old 43% £32
Aromas of classic sherry with a touch of menthol. Incredibly clean central palate, hints of gingerbread & nutty chocolate. Very long & complex finish, oak-rich & hints of smoke & cocoa.

Glenfiddich IPA 43% £6.5
An elegant harmony of fresh apples, pears & spring blossom complemented with aromatic hops & fresh herbs. Vibrant zesty citrus note followed by creamy vanilla and a hint of fresh hops. Enduring finish of sweetness with an echo of green hops.

Glenfiddich 12 Year Old 40% £6
A deliciously creamy whisky with notes of melting brown sugarpears & a hint of nutmeg. Very smooth on the palate characteristically sweet, fruity notes. Long mellow & smooth finish.

Glenfiddich 15 Year Old 40% £7
An intriguingly complex aroma with sweet heather honey and vanilla fudge combined with rich dark fruits. Silky smooth tastes revealing layers of sherry oak, marzipan, cinnamon & ginger. Rich & lingering finish.

Glenfiddich 18 Year Old 40% £11
A remarkably rich aroma with ripe orchard fruit, baked apple & robust oak. Luxurious dried fruit, candy peal & dates. Warming, rewarding & distinguishing finish

Glen Grant 10 Year Old 43% £6
Sweet pastry aromas with pear drops & hints of gorgeous vanilla. Tastes of orchard fruit with rich malt notes with a long & complex finish.

The Glenlivet Founders Reserve 40% £6
A citrus fruit & sweet orange aroma complemented by tastes of toffee apples, pears & zesty orange. Long, creamy & smooth finish.

The Glenlivet 18 Year Old 43% £14
Aromas of rich fruit & toffee followed by bursts of sweet orange on the palate. Long finish with hints of raisins & spice.

Glen Moray Classic 40% £5.5
Light and fresh, slight fruit and dried grass on the nose, notes of green apple, lemon sponge and light oak. Medium length finish dry and tangy citrus and spicy fruitcake

The Glen Moray Classic Peated 40% £5.5
Light and fresh, slight fruit and dried grass on the nose, notes of green apple, lemon sponge and light oak. Medium length finish dry and tangy citrus and spicy fruitcake

Glen Moray Twisted Vine 40% £6.5
Inspired by twisted vines aged solely in cognac cask this dram brings soft toffee, dried fruit, a little sweet tobacco & peppered spice on the nose. Milky coffee on the pallet with wood spice, sticky dark fruit and roast nuts. Finishing with delicate floral notes that fade into apricot & nuts.

Glenrothes 12 Year Old 40% £7
Gingerbread, stewed apple and earthy vanilla, then soft tropical fruit notes and a hint of sherried funk. With a Creamy hazelnut, dried fruit and a hint of cinnamon. Hints of chocolate, old leather, dried herbs and tobacco add depth among Galia melon and honeyed oak. Long and sweet finish.

Johnnie Walker Black Label 40% £5.5
Blended exclusively from whiskies matured for at least 12 years, it brings together flavours from the four corners of Scotland to create an experience that is complex, deep and rewarding. Johnnie Walker Black Label rolls decadently over the tongue, releasing intense sweet vanillas that give way to orange zest and aromas of spice and raisins. The finish is unbelievably smooth and layered with rich smoke, peat and malt.

Johnnie Walker Red Label 40% £5
Johnnie Walker Red Label combines up to 35 whiskies from distilleries all over Scotland. There’s a suggestion of fruity sweetness, like fresh apple, before the Johnnie Walker signature of a long, lingering, smoky finish.

Knockando 12 Year Old 43% £6
Fruity-floral with a hint of blackcurrant on the nose, some ash then a trace of damp linen. Pleasantly sweet, central palate. Drying lightly with a trace of acidity. Relatively short finish.

The Macallan 18 Year Old Triple Cask 43% £32
Crafted in a triple cask combination of European and American sherry seasoned oak cask and American ex-bourbon oak cask. Exquisitely and expertly married together to form smells of exotic dried petals with coconut & vanilla orange citrus. On the palate soft and velvety with orange citrus, vanilla & cinnamon. Lingering finish with chocolate orange.

The Macallan Rare Cask – Batch No.1 (2019 Release) 43% £55
Rare Cask combines knowledge, skill, passion, commitment and creativity to create a remarkable whisky worthy of its name. Hand-picked by the whisky making team, the combination of sherry seasoned American and European oak casks – a high proportion of them first fill – deliver an exquisite and unmistakably woody whisky with a rich hue. On the nose soft notes of opulent vanilla and raisin pique the nose, giving way to a sweet ensemble of apples & lemons. On the palate oak resonates, timeless, polished and rich flavours. Vanilla and chocolate lead the finale along with a light citrus zest. A full & warming finish.

Monkey Shoulder 40% £5
A unique blend of 3 malt whiskies from Speyside’s finest distilleries. Made in batches of just 27 casks for a smoother, richer taste. Aromas of zesty orange, vanilla, honey & spiced oak. Hints of spice & mellow vanilla on the palate with a super smooth finish.

The Singleton Of Dufftown 40% £6
Mild, fresh & soft with fruity aromas of lightly baked apples. Smooth, minty & drying tastes with the sharp fruitiness of stewed apples balanced by savoury notes, like a hint of brine. Menthol clean & gently fruity after-taste with marzipan, cherry and dark chocolate.

Tamdhu 12 Year Old 40% £7
Matured in Oloroso sherry casks for the entire aging process, this highly loved expression features a nose with notes of boiled orange sweets, iced cinnamon rolls and some toasted oak with a little hint of mint. The palate has banana, berry jam, malt biscuits and classic sherry oak depth. Long & balanced finish with soft Scottish Tablet, dried fruit, ground spice and peat smoke.

Tomintoul 10 Year Old 40% £5.5
Hints of citrus with honey tones & a whiff of mountain heather. Creamy sweetness on the palate with balanced gentle oaky spice. Sweet finish pursued by tingling spice.

Tomintoul 16 Year Old 40% £9
Soft hints of hazelnut & vanilla on the nose with full nutty & spicy overtones on the palate. A creamy & velvety finish at first followed by a hint of spice.

Ardbeg 10 Year Old 46% £7
A burst of intense smoky fruit with zesty lemons & lime aromas. Savour thearoma of smoked fish & crispy bacon. Sizzling cinnamon-spiced toffee then smoke gradually wells up on the palate bringing a mouthful of creamy cappuccino & toasted marshmallows.

Ardbeg Corryvreckan 57.1% £9
Taking its name from the famous whirlpool north of Islay. Dark chocolate, blackcurrant, cherries & pine aroma. Chewy peppered steak & seaweed bring tarry espresso with rich dark fruits & bitter almonds, deeper still brings star anise to taste finish with chocolate coated cherry & pepper sauce.

Ardbeg Uigeadail 54.2% £8
Initial aromas of Christmas cake, walnut oil & Parma violets. A burst of winter spice sets off smoky-spicy explosion of honey glazed smoked food & chewy treacle. Long & lingering deep mocha tones.

Bowmore 12 Year Old 40% £5.5
Subtle lemon and honey balanced beautifully by the distinctive Bowmore smokiness. Warm and delicious on the palate with dark chocolate flavours. Long & mellow finish with peat smoke

Bowmore Darkest 15 Year Old 43% £9
Dark chocolate & raisin aromas compliment the classic Bowmore smokiness. Wonderful cedar wood & rich treacle toffee flavours. Finished with spicy toffee, sherry & barley

Bowmore 18 Year Old 43% £14
Creamy caramel toffee with ripe fruit and smoke aromas. Incredibly complex taste with beautiful soft fruit and chocolate balance with a light smokiness. A long wonderfully balanced finish.

Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old 46.3% £5.5
Fresh & aromatic, fruity floral and a subtle prevalence of smoke. Light with fruit notes, nutty flavours, hints of vanilla & caramel. Lingering, beautifully rich & full-bodied finish

Caol Ila Moch 43% £9
Like wet, salty sand & after the tide has receded with antiseptic notes, some smoke behind as an old bonfire aromas. Sweet & salty with a balancing
acidity to taste. Quite short finish drying & warming with a little bitterness.

Caol Ila 12 Year Old 43% £7.5
Subdued aromas of citrus fruitiness and a whiff of bath oil. Sweet start, pleasant light fragrant smokiness. Slightly smoky & sour lengthy finish.

Laphroaig 10 Year Old 40% £7
A bold smoky taste followed by a hint of seaweed and a surprising sweetness. Hints of salt and layers of peatiness on the palate with a lingering finish.

Laphroaig Select 40% £5
Classic, medicinal peat smoke on the nose backed up with citrus, sweet chocolate & soft barley. On the palate notes of lemon, green apple & mint develop with darker baking spices, medium length with peat lingering till the end.

Arran Port Cask Finish 50% £8
Vanilla spice, ripe citrus & dried fruits and nuttiness. With a splash of water more depth of mandarin citrus with fudge and honeyed notes. Flavours of chocolate, cherries, spice & bitter orange.

Arran 10 Year Old 46% £7
Herby, biscuity, dried grass on the nose with sweet malty digestive biscuit on the palate followed by green fruit & apple peel with a slight bitter & maltiness finish.

Arran 14 Year Old 46% £6.5
Dried fruit, vanilla & toffee aromas upfront with caramelised fruits indicating a depth of flavour to come. Tastes of bitter orange, charred oak, honey, apple & pears. Finished with a sweet spice.

Highland Park 12 Year Old 40% £5.5
A perfect harmony of aromatic smoky peat, sweet heather honey and rich fruit cake. Starts off with s Year Oldup sweetness the sour and creamy wood flavours. Finished with green pine cones & woody spice.

Highland Park 18 Year Old 43% £18.5
A profusion of ripe floral notes and fresh blossom with a delectable fruit salad. Notes of honeyed exotic fruits with a little botrytis. Creamy and full flavours with fruit conserves and espresso. A creaminess with cinnamon and allspice. Long and well sugared with a herbal edge finish.

Isle of Skye 8 Year Old Old 40% £5.5
Smokey on the nose with notes of barley & crème anglaise. Sweet on the palate with sherry fruit cake finishing with nuts & spice.

Isle Of Skye 18 Year Old 40% £11
Enticing coastal air with gooseberry aromas, cinnamon bread and gentle peat; underlying lime, chilli and black pepper. A gentle smoke present from the start with a fresh fruitiness that balances wonderfully with building toffee notes. Peat smoke slowly fades with malt and dark chocolate finish.

Jura Origin 10 Year Old 40% £5.5
Aromas of proper Scottish porridge with sweet strawberry jam and sprinkled with raisins. Creamy & chocolatey tastes with cardamom & cinnamon. Finished with a touch of liquorice.

Jura 21Year Old 44% £18.5
Notes of toffee and fudge, a touch of vanilla with a spread of sweet nuts. There are honeyed notes creeping in with tones Tokaji and port. Tastes of winter cake, damson jam & marzipan. Medium-length finish.

Ledaig 18 Year Old 46.3% £12
Rich, fruity sherried smokiness, lovely balance of phenols, seaweed with hints of sweet oakiness. Tastes of coffee and a touch of sea salt, tobacco and white pepper. A long & quite pungent finish.

Talisker Storm 45.8% £7.5
Initial brine on the nose with smells of banana hint of barbecues and citrus. White pepper develops towards the bottom of the glass. On the palate thick and mouth-coating with wood smoke, brine and chilli heat too. To finish red chilli peppers and oak dryness with a hint of embers

World Whiskey

Migaki 40% £6.5
From Komasa distillery on the most southern point of Japan founded in 1883, Shochu is very similar to Scottish grain whisky only different in still type. Soft lychees, grapefruit and subtle oak on the nose with grassy notes in the distance accompanied with spring floral notes on the palate with aniseed, raisins and gingery white chocolate. Delicate flowery grassy field with peppered eucalyptus to finish

Nikka Coffey Grain 45% £8.5
Using 2 Coffey stills imported from Scotland to the Miyagikyo distillery this exotic grain whisky has vanilla-bourbon and herbal hit of chamomile. Sweet
on the palate, s Year Oldupy melon, grapefruit and vanilla biscuit finish with lasting corn notes

Suntory Toki 45% £6.5
A blended whisky from The House of Suntory’s three distilleries: Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita. Toki has a different composition to another Suntory blend, Hibiki, as its main components are Hakashu single malt and Chita grain whisky. It should work really well in a highball.

Yamazaki 12 Year Old 43% £20
From Japan’s first and oldest distillery this 12 Year Olds first released in 1984 is elegant and smooth. Zesty nut oil and peach on the nose, coconut rich on the palate with light oak vanilla and caramel to finish

Bushmills 10 Year Olds 40% £9
2007 Winner Best Irish Single Malt whiskey a superb dram with cooked banana and tropical fruit on the nose followed by guava, melon, peach and vanilla to taste leaving a spicy floral finish.

Jameson Blend 40% £5
A blend from the best pot still and fine grain whiskey’s triple distilled then aged in oak casks for a minimum of 4 years giving a light floral fragrance, peppered with spicy wood and sweet notes then on the palate spicy, nutty, vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry ending with a smooth lingering finish.

Jameson Orange 30% £5
The famous smooth Jameson whisky perfectly balanced with zesty orange giving zesty peel and citrus orange fruits on the nose with sweet undertones leading to notes of orange zest and Jameson’s spicy, nutty, vanilla taste with a smooth clean finish with sweet orange aftertaste.

Proper No. Twelve 40% £5.5
An Irish Whiskey blend from MMA fighter Conor McGregor. This malt and grain blend is drawn from bourbon barrels where 100 blends were created before deciding on the final bottle. Vanilla pod, floral barley, touch of sandalwood on the nose leading to orchard fruits and honey first followed by white pepper to taste then finishing with dry oak and caramel.

Shanky’s Whip 33% £5
Famous Irish liqueur Whiskey blend from County Cavan with baked spices, vanilla fudge, milk chocolate, crack of black pepper and buttery caramel.

Teeling Pineapple Rum Cask 49.2% £6.5
Two epic spirits collide Teeling Whiskey and Plantation Rum to give a tremendously sippable tropical expression. Fruity crushed pineapple, touch of citrus with floral vanilla and s Year Oldup sponge. A malty & grain mingle to taste with sweet vanilla, stone fruits, hint of herbal grist before earthy charred oak and tangy caramelised pineapple. To finish a bittersweet kick, cracked pepper and oak with burnt sugar, pineapple, vanilla spice.

Bulleit 95 Rye 45% £8.5
With one of the highest rye ratios (95% rye/ 5% malted barley) this rye whiskey hits the nose with subtle leather and tobacco, big cherry vanilla with warm then spice on the palate followed by more cherry, peach and slight orange tang. A smoky, allspice and cinnamon sweets to finish.

Jack Daniels Old No.7 40% £4.5
Made at the Lynchburg Distillery since 1875 using 80% corn, 12% rye and 8% malt then filtered through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal to produce
the world-famous Tennessee Whiskey (not bourbon). Light with plenty of sweetness, dry spice, oily nuts and a touch of smoke on the nose following
on the palate banana milkshake, mixed nuts and caramel infused crème anglaise, finishing with toasted oats and cereal.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple 35% £5.5
Jack Daniels signature whiskey with apple to create a fruity whiskey liqueur, loads of zingy green apples with butterscotch, vanilla and caramelised toffee apple. Very approachable dram.

Mellow Corn 50% £6
A corn whiskey made using at least 80% corn and aged in once used bourbon barrels for 4 years. A summer sipper or a night cap this is delicate and oaky on the nose with soft spice sweetness and slightly oily.

Wild Turkey 101 50.5% £5.5
America’s biggest selling bourbon. Pepper to start, rye, caraway seed with soft toffee sweetness in the mist. Intense cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and roast
nut with hint of mint. Big hitting longing spiciness.

Wilderness Trail Rye 50% £11
This Kentucky straight rye whiskey is 56% rye, 33% corn, and 11% malted barley. It was matured for a minimum of four years before being bottled in bond. Sweet baking spices, oak & dark fruits on the nose. Tastes of Earl Gray tea, spearmint, clove & candied flowers. Long and succulent finish of florals and spearmint sweetness.

The Auld Alliance Vintage collection *Price Varies
(ask server for Today’s dram)
The House of McCallum Vintage collection represents casks from different regions, different styles, some unique casks and other from distilleries distilled the same day and from the same pot still. Each bottle from each cask is unique all are handpicked from House of McCallum.

McElegance 43.5% £6
Single Malt Scotch Speyside Whisky, Sauternes wine cask, Smells of Summer blossom, gooseberries, ginger. A beautifully delicate taste with hazelnuts, biscuit, honey and ginger jam. Finished with Sweet, elegant, summer meadows and slightly woody.

McO’Isles 43.5% £6
Blended Malt Scotch Whisky from the Isles distilled in Rum Cask, Smells of a fishing boat smokehouse and seaweed. Tastes of lemon meringue pie with hints of salt, vanilla and pepper, a sweet and salty finish with lemon zest and ambers from the sea

McPeat 43.5% £6
Single Malt Peated Scotch Highland Whisky, Matured in a Bourbon Cask, Smells of Toffee, ambers from a sea and peat smoke, tastes of honey, vanilla, salted almonds, grapefruit and heather smoke. Finishing with honey, flowering heather, lemon and salty notes.

McPink 43.5% £6
Blended Scotch Whisky with Port Cask Finish, smells of malted barley, strawberry jam and vanilla. Tastes of Sugary red fruit and chocolate coated strawberries. Finished with spicey pepper, honey and soft red berries.

McWarrior 43.5% £6
Single Malt Scotch Highland Whisky distilled in Sherry Pedro Ximenez Cask with smells of Raisins, figs, milk chocolate and cinnamon, tastes of spiced golden plums, peaches, apricots and honey. Finishing with Vanilla, honey and lemon zest

Bulleit 8 £9.5
Bulleit 95 Rye, grenadine, lemon & orange juice garnished with orange & cherry.

Japanese Highball £7.5
Suntory Toki, Soda water, lime juice garnished with ice with lime.

Maple Whisky Sour £8.5
Monkey Shoulder, maple syrup, egg white, lemon & lime juice garnished with ice & lemon.

Rob Roy £9.5
Glen Grant 10, red Vermouth, angostura bitters garnished with ice & cherry.

Rusty Nail £7.5
Johnnie Walker Black, Drambuie garnished with lemon & ice.

Shanky’s Espresso £9.5
Shanky’s Whip, Guinness, fresh espresso, sugar syrup topped with espresso beans.